How Does Rookie Score Work?

Rookie Score is simply a weighted average of our subject matter expert recommendations, user ratings & brand offerings across all platforms.

We’ve carefully examined the product reviews and expert recommendations and filtered out unnecessary spam for our Rookiedeck users. Here is how it works:

Choosing the right sports gear could be a tedious task and we want to make things simpler for our users. Our team has spent more than 3+ hours examining each product so that we could deliver the best suitable information for you to make an informed decision. Having said that, we are aware that there could be potential flaws in Rookie Score and hence we rely on a lot on your reviews.

Oh! We haven’t revealed our secret ingredient yet. Backed by smart algorithms, we would be tailoring our Rookie Score to give an exact recommendation based on your interaction with the platform.

Yes, you! We aim to personalize your shopping experience and we'll working towards recommending the right gear suitable as per your needs & requirements. This might be help you understand in a better way:

Keep in mind that choosing the right gear is individual and that products with low Rookie Score can still be loved by some, which might be you. We suggest that you use the Rookie Score with a pinch of salt.

Happy Shopping!