Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical And Cross Trainers

A cross trainer or an elliptical trainer or elliptical cross trainer, however you may call it, is a piece of gym equipment you often see in a gym. A cross trainer is a great piece of equipment that helps in working out the whole body and the way it does it is by mimicking the way our body moves when walking, running, or climbing stairs. Essentially a cross trainer or elliptical trainer is a piece of stationary equipment designed with two handles and foot pedals.

Benefits of Cross Trainer or Elliptical trainer:

Full Body Workout: Cross trainers help in working out the entire body and increases the calories burnt when working out. When exercised the way it’s designed, the elliptical trainer works out the arms, the legs, the upper body including the chest and the shoulder. By increasing resistance in the elliptical cross trainer or by having backward peddling, you can target your lower body effectively. To work out the core using elliptical cross trainer, one can simply avoid the use of handles and balance with the muscles in the abdomen area. By following the regular motion of the elliptical machine, that is pushing and pulling the handles, your arms will get the needed exercise as well.
Weight Loss: Elliptical trainer is an excellent piece of equipment if your focus is to reduce your weight. Cross trainers help in increasing burning the calories more than exercise bikes and are comparables to treadmills. Though the result from the treadmill and cross trainer is similar, the cross trainer is usually easier on the body as a number of different muscles come together to do the movement. It is one of the most effective machines in the market if weight loss is your goal. Buy the best cross trainer from Decathlon today!
Customizability: A cross trainer machine is an equipment that provides you with the liberty to customize your workout routine to different intensities. With an elliptical trainer, you can adjust the resistance and change different body postures to get the benefits of different work out intensities. If your focus is to be fit, it’s ideal to have a mix of high-intensity bursts and low-intensity workouts. But cross trainer machine from Decathlon to get your fitness game strong.
Body Strengthening: Cross trainer is a great way to improve the strength of the body. Resistance training can be introduced to cross-training by introducing high resistance workouts in your mix. By increasing the resistance, your body has to work harder to get to the speed you want to achieve. This puts pressure on the muscles and helps in building strength. Get your elliptical machine today from Rookiedeck's online store!
Home workout: One of the key features of a cross trainer or an elliptical trainer is that you can set it up at home to workout from the comfort of your home rather than having to squeeze the gym in your tight schedule. A Rookiedeck, we offer the best elliptical machine for home that comes in different sizes, feature sets, and price ranges. We even offer a floor mat for your elliptical trainer.