Cricket Shoes

Decathlon FLX Cricket Shoes

Cricket is one of the most popular sports across the globe and to make the best out of any game you need equipment that will compliment your game. As cricket has evolved over the years, so has the equipment one plays cricket with. Starting from the cricket bat to the protective equipment to the cricket sports shoes. Everything has undergone massive design overhauls to extract the best performance out of you.

How to choose cricket shoes?

Size: The first and the foremost thing to consider when buying cricket sports shoes is the size of the shoes. The size of the shoe is a factor which determines how one can perform when on the ground. A cricket shoe with the right size is really important to give your feet the required comfort and breathability while playing. A tight cricket shoe not just causes discomfort but also increase the chances of injury. And with a loose shoe, imagine your shoe flying off while running to take a crucial catch or a much-needed run.
Surface: The surface where you play on is an important factor to consider when buying your cricket sports shoes. The most common surfaces are synthetic and turf pitches. Both these surfaces demand different cricket shoes. Cricket shoes with rubber soles are best for synthetic pitches to give maximum comfort. When playing on the turf, wear cricket shoes with rubber spikes as they provide more grip and agility on such 
Role: The role you have on the cricket pitch also has to be considered when buying the right cricket shoe. For a batsman, playing on turf, cricket shoes rubber spikes that are not too pointy works best to enable good footwork. For a bowler, the grip is the key element and thus when playing on synthetic pitches, go with rubber soles and when on turf, choose pointy cricket shoes rubber spikes gives the best grip. All-rounders should go for shoes that are lightweight and don’t have pointy spikes to get the best of both speed and grip.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q1. Which shoes are best for cricket?
Ideally, players who are batsman should choose cricket shoes that have rubber spikes as they provide a good grip and can enable you to run faster on the pitch. A bowler should look for shoes for superior grip and hard sole for good traction to provide the correct landing position. Cushioning of the mid sole is also crucial as it will protect the feet and toes from any possible injury. FLX cricket shoes provide alot of benefits compared to other cricket shoes. FLX cricket shoes provide a superior grip, stability, and toe impact protection. As a budding cricketer, it is crucial for you to purchase the right set of shoes to take your game a step higher.
Q2. How to wash and clean cricket shoes?
Cricket shoes can be cleaned like any other shoes. Take a cloth with a bowl of water and dip into the water and wipe out the mud or dirt from your cricket shoes. Do not soak your cricket shoes, or insert them into a bucket or large amount of water. Always clean with a cloth. If the sole of the shoes can be removed, take them off and keep them under the sun, to dry.
Q3. Why we need spikes in cricket shoes?
Spikes for cricket shoes is not a must. A sturdy and durable shoe with rubber spikes work perfectly as well. As a batsmen rubber spikes provide a good grip when your tackling the ball as you bat and can enable you to run faster on the pitch. A bowler should look for shoes with studs as they are more capable of providing you with the correct landing position. Hence studs for traction will help you while you bowl, run and bat.