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Carrom, a game with Indian roots, has been winning the world over since the last century. While South East Asian countries have loved and played carrom for a long time, it was only post World War I that Carrom got global exposure. Today, the community-beloved game of carrom has regular, international tournaments with its very own International Carrom Federation. It is a game fit for every age and everyone has their own way to hit the right strike!
Growing up, we all have engaged in fun filled carrom sessions with friends and family. It is a favourite, Indian indoor game and every Indian child has fond memories of it. As children, we have all begged our parents to buy us a carrom board for our birthdays. Many hot summer evenings have been spent, trying to pocket the 'Rani' or 'queen' and rubbing our fingers with the powder to get a smooth strike!

Carrom Boards

Carrom boards are square, ply boards with net or cloth pockets in the corners. The standard size carrom board, used in tournaments, is a 74 x 74 cm board with a 5-10 cm border (or 29 x 29 inches with 2-4 inches border).
At Rookiedeck, we offer you a range of durable, eco-friendly and sturdy carrom boards which are perfected for every carrom lover out there. Our boards are federation size (29" x 29" ), cut precisely at 2" x 1.5" and with a ply frame width of 5.5 mm. It is a highly durable board with 14 braces attached under the ply to support the playing surface. The material is a toxic freeboard and the markings are made with chemical free ink and glue.
There are variations in the size, material and quality of the carrom boards and also in the size of the pockets. A conventional carrom board will have pockets larger than the size of the carrom men but smaller than the size of the Striker. Boards with larger pockets are recommended for beginners as they can easily bag the with a 'Scratch shot'. 

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As we all grew up, life took a turn for adulthood and our beloved carrom time was over. Some of the pieces went missing and our carrom boards lay gathering dust in our homes. A single carrom match is full of many joyous moments; playfully teasing your opponent or the buildup to when the strike is right and you nab those men, one after the other! The strategic strikes and the smell of powder in the air as you're just about to pocket the 'Rani'; all are moments where you become the board and nothing else matters! These moments bring together adults and children alike and you are guaranteed a fun time with your near & dear ones. Today, as we are all sitting at home and waiting for the deadly virus to disappear, a carrom match might just be our ticket out of despair! We all need happy, carefree moments of joy and buying your very own carrom board at the best price is surely a great moment. It is time to revisit your childhood and enjoy a game of carrom with your loved ones! Buy carrom boards online from Rookiedeck and get great deals on eco-friendly, non-toxic carrom equipment. Get the best price carrom boards online at Rookiedeck and have your own carrom tournaments!

Best Carrom Boards

Before buying a carrom board, here are a few tips to keep in mind :
1.The playing surface of a board must be absolutely flat with no bumps or breaks. That is why it is essential to buy a carrom board built with good quality ply. Thin plywood is susceptible to 'warping' over time and the playing surface will not be smooth and flat, as required for the game.

2.Ensure that the corner pockets are cut perfectly round and have a clean finish. The shape of pockets needs to be well rounded.
3.Carrom boards with thick frames offer more rebound and are durable. Hence, always buy a carrom board with a thick, well cut frame. Avoid thin frames as they are made of cheap wood. The board should not wobble when placed horizontally on a flat surface.
4.Do not buy 'black' painted frames as the black colour tends to cover any bumps or irregularities and you may end up with a faulty board covered in bumps which have been painted over.
5.Do not buy boric acid powder and void boards painted on with chemicals as it is hazardous to health. Buy eco-friendly boards with organic, toxin-free paints and vegetable-based starch powder.
At Rookiedeck, there is a solid range of non-toxic, budget-friendly and long lasting carrom boards. Get the best carrom board price online at our website and take home a complete carrom set.