Badminton Shoes

Some people aren’t aware about the right kind of shoes to wear while playing badminton. They are also called non-marking shoes. Made of a smooth rubber type material so as to provide optimum friction for easy movements which is vital for such fast-paced sports like badminton, tennis. Here are 4 things you consider while buying badminton shoes online:
1. Stability and support:
A game like badminton requires quick movements. Our shoes need to make us feel secure enough to enable us to balance on the court.
2. The sole of the shoe:
Soft soles allows for a smooth landing and even makes running around on court easy. Using hard soles can damage your legs and cause other issues like blisters, which can be quite uncomfortable
3. Shock absorption:
These shoes are built in such a way that they absorb shock while playing. Considering badminton is an impact-oriented sport where there is a lot of jumping, lunging, twisting, and turning, we need a pair of shoes that will support these movements with minimum damage to our ankles and knees.
4. Cushioning:
These are made specially to support the highly impact-oriented game. Some are perfectly padded in the right place to give the best support.