Beginners' Guide: Yoga Equipment You Did Not Know You Needed

One of the oldest practices of exercise - yoga has been a favorite form of exercise for all age groups and genders. Being a form of exercise that requires minimal equipment it depends mainly on the body movements. However, with the help of few equipment you can better your asanas and achieve a good level of comfort while practicing your asanas.

1. Yoga Mat
The essential that we all think of when it comes to yoga. It is extremely important to choose the right type of yoga mat for your practice. They lend a good support to your body and help you practice complex yoga postures too. Some mats come with guidelines which help beginners especially guide where to place their hands & feet.

2. Yoga Block
Yoga Blocks are used by both beginners as well as experts. They help in maintaining stability during difficult postures. They are helpful to even those who have injuries as they assist in doing complex poses.

3. Yoga Bolster
They are cushions which are round in shape and they help in stretching. They are meant to increase your comfort level while practicing yoga.

4. Yoga Strap
Usually used by people who aren’t as flexible and need some extra support to perform certain asanas. They help in holding poses, help in touching the ground and while flexing which is required for some poses. The bands slip onto the limb being stretched and can control that limb from a much further distance than without a band.

There you have it, with all your essentials covered you are now ready to start practicing your asanas. Some of these tools aren’t required by all but can definitely help you if you are starting out with your practice.

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