Top 10 Indoor Sports to Play at Home

Sports have always been an integral part of our lives. It is that one common factor among all generations. The kind of sports played keeps on changing but the spirit is what stays put. The previous generation invented many indoor games for their fun. Fun quotient of that aspect is only realized when you try those games yourself.

Here is a list of fun indoor sports that you can play when all the outdoor sports remain shut.

  • Carrom:
    That one game that most of us would have lying around in a corner of our house. Carrom is an enthralling game, that can be played by four people at once. This tag-team sport has entertained a vast multitude of the population for a long time, perhaps it’s time to hunt for the Queen again.


  • Table Tennis:
    Let’s admit it, we have all tried our hands at dining table TT once, if not more than that. The secret part is that it is fun! Sure we don’t get the preferred space around the table or even the preferred net. But the thrill of winning a point by hitting a winner past your opponent persists.


  • Indoor Basketball:
    Trying to slam dunk on a miniature basketball shooting rim is not a faded memory. The fun that this basket brought, and the feel that we can jump so high like a professional NBA player might have been our first interaction with the game of the West.

  • Darts:
    Imagine not eating a delicious dish because of its looks. Darts is that dish. It never seems to get our heart pumping until we start playing. The sadness of landing a dart just outside the bull’s eye, and your opponent winning by a small margin disappoints us all. But practice makes a man perfect. So bring out those dart boards and start perfecting your hand-eye co-ordination.


  • Yoga and Meditation:
    With the surge in the number of people following Yoga, there has been a constant urge to try it once. But the gym schedule or a work call became an obstacle. Well, not anymore. Yoga is our ancient heritage and it not only helps us to stay fit but also cures a lot of diseases.
    Meditation, on the other hand, is the best source to increase your concentration. It has great potential to evolve your lateral thinking and the way you approach life. In times of adversity, your meditation is the one that gets you through.

  • Mini Football:
    Our garden/backyard might be the only place where we can score through a bicycle kick. And we all know how much fun it is to nutmeg your siblings. Playing football in our backyard not only allows you to have a fun time but also builds sharpens your footballing skills. It is also a great calorie burner.

  • Chess:
    It’s time to bust some myths. Chess has always been taken granted for a game that can only be played by the sharpest of minds. What we fail to factor in is that even those minds have reached that level because of sheer determination and practice. Chess is indeed a game that requires a lot of thinking and strategizing, which further adds to the reason why we should promote chess.

  • Trampolining:
    People who think that trampolines are only for kids have simply never hoped on one themselves. Jumping up and down trying various moves in the air and of course, performing stunts is a seriously stress-free zone that we all need. There is something about trampolines that somehow allow you to feel light and stress-free. It is a great way to have a fun time.

  • Aerobics:
    Exercising to the rhythm of your loved tunes. Aerobics has given us a different approach to the way we workout. No more are workouts supposed to be a part of your day that you just have to pass. Aerobics workouts have become that part of the day for which we most eagerly wait. It has combined exercise with fun while staying indoors.


  • Treadmills and Exercise Bikes:
    Another modern-day marvel. With the help of these easy to use equipment’s, gyms have literally been transported to our homes. We don’t have to go to a hill to feel the strain of mountain running, all you need is your treadmill and a few settings.
    A cycle was all a child really ever wanted in the older days. These days that cycle has been replaced by exercise bikes. Because of these exercise bikes, you can now cycle while watching the television, or while discussing over a work call. It has all been brought at the tip of your hands, and that too inside your home.


Sports is, has and will always be a way of life. The kind of sports you play or are able to play might keep on changing but the essence will always remain the same. We don’t need a reminder of why sports are important, but we do need a constant niggle to keep us on the right track. All of these sports will help you in keeping your mind and body healthy. Don’t wait for the rush, pick up your battle and focus on the win!



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