Three Hacks to Serve It Right

With the server stands the advantage! It is in your hands whether to take that advantage or pass it on to your opponent. A good service will always win you half the point. This amplifies the importance of that first shot. In every badminton match, service will always be the first shot, and beginnings more often than not decide the end. So keep these things in mind while serving to get the best result.

Start Right 

If you were wondering that you will do a tennis service and win the point, then my friend you are in for a shock. An overarm (Tennis) service is not allowed in badminton. You can only do an underarm serve. The contact point of the racket with the shuttle has to be below your waist, otherwise, it is a fault. You can go for variations there like a short or a long service but the rules are to be adhered to. 

Dimensions matter 

The service has to land in the service box. If you push the shuttlecock outside the box on any side than it is a fault, and you lose the point. So control over the racket and the power that you put on the shuttle are two very important factors to be kept in mind while serving. 

Deceiving the Opponent 

Badminton is a game of wit. If you can outsmart the opponent, you have already won the match. And service gives you just the right platform to do that. Broadly speaking there are two different types of serves using which you can outfox your nemesis: Short and the Long serve. As the name suggests the short one draws the opponent in front, and the long one pushes him back. It is all done with a flick of the wrist.

Some basic pointers that will help you 

  • Keep some part of both the feet on the ground, if they are in the air than it is a fault.
  • Observe the opponent’s position and try and deceive them. 
  • Too high or too low both are bad. You need an apt amount of power and control.
  • Accurate serves will take you a long way. A precision racket will help you. 
  • Remember the score, as the service will be done according to that!

To win anything you have to start it right. Service is that start in badminton. So keep these tips in mind and get the best results.

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