Three Best Beginner Badminton Drills To Include In Your Training

A new journey is always enthralling. But at the same time, it also reminds us that the first steps are the most pivotal one, as they will set you in the right or the wrong direction. This is true for your badminton journey also. And when it comes to sports, drills are the best way to get your eye in.

Gripping Technique

It is more than obvious that how you hold the racket before hitting a stroke invariably decides the quality of the stroke. You can’t hit a proper shot if you are holding the racket wrong. The best way to hold a racket is assuming that you’re going for a handshake or the way you would hold a hammer. An excellent grip goes a long way in improving the quality of the strokes. You should practice this before every session so that proper image forms in your mind. 

Movement Drill 

Agility is a very key factor while badminton. It should always be at the forefront while practicing. A simple way to work on that is by placing a shuttle on all the ends of the court and then starting from the center going to each of these spots and picking up that shuttle bringing it back to the center one by one. You can add a stroke at every spot as well hence worth a lightweight racket with good stability is always suggested. 

Accuracy Drill

Just reaching on the shuttle to make the shot is not enough. As you progress along, the accuracy of your shots also needs to improve. A very easy way to practice that is by standing at the center of the court and hitting shuttlecocks inside a designated area on the other end of the court. Another player can feed the shuttlecocks to you from the opposite end. Just make sure that the designated area is not too big. A precision racket with optimal power is recommended as your career progresses for achieving greater accuracy. 

These basic drills should never be skipped as these are the blocks upon which your whole game will depend. So keep them in your daily schedule and watch yourself rise through the charts.

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