Buyer's Guide: Things to Remember while buying a Badminton Racket

We all felt a sense of belonging at the 2016 Summer Olympics when our very own Pusarla Venkata Sindhu won the silver in the individual category. Her effort showed us that we are not only good at cricket but other sports as well. Her stellar determination has put many embryonic minds on the path of one day doing the same for our country. Kids idolize her and Saina Nehwal for all that they have achieved, and rightly so. But before getting into the grind of sport, one should carefully think about the best friend one can have on the court. Indeed, we are talking about a Badminton racket. We shall carefully look for these features while buying a new badminton racket.


Weight and Balance 

With the plethora of options that are available today, one needs to know what they are looking for. But we understand the problem of not being familiar with every intricate detail on your first buy. The first thing to look out for should be the weight and the balance of the racket. Everyone might have a preference regarding heavy or lightweight rackets but a lightweight racket is generally the way to go with. It will help you avoid the chances of getting injured.

The Yonex ARCSABER FD weighs just 78g and provides you with an evenly balanced racket head. A very lethal combination to start with. An evenly balanced means a racket with balance at the center of the racket, not leaning towards to head or the handle. It gives you the perfect balance between power and control. 


 A feature of importance primarily at the beginner level. As someone beginning to play a game, I am sure you would want to spend as much time as you can on the court. So a not too tightly strung racket is the way to go for that. A racket with stringing tension in the range of 16-26 should do. 

The Duora 33 is a High Flex, evenly balanced racket, with durability as its main strength. It gives the best result with the stringing tension of 19-24 lbs.

Stiffness and Flexibility

Before we dive into this, let us understand how these two factors affect a racket. Both of these things are related to the shaft of the racket. 

A stiff racket essentially means, a racket while will not move much after contact with the shuttle. As you correctly guessed, less movement will allow the player to control the shots more. So a stiff shaft will give you more control.

The Arcsaber Lite is a medium flex racket, suitable for players with the all-round game. At the beginning stage, a medium flex racket is the best option as it will provide you with both power and control. 

Now, imagine you are throwing a ball. In which case do you think you could throw the ball farthest? When you have a free-flowing hand or a rigid, restricted hand. A free-flowing hand is a correct answer because with that you will have an unrestricted movement which will infuse more velocity onto the ball. The same is the concept of a flexible racket, it gives you more power because it bends more on contact with the shuttle.  

The first step of every journey is pivotal. Your destination will depend on each step you take, but if the foundation is wrong the building will never stand tall. A badminton racket is that foundation in your tall career. Make the right selection, and jump into it. 

If you're still unsure about your racket purchase, watch the video below.  


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