The Only 5 Equipments You Need For An Effective At Home Workout

If you are also one of those people who always wanted to work out but expensive gym memberships became an obstacle, then it’s time to get on track. Carrying out productive work-out at home is not a dream anymore, especially with the kind of modern equipment available. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot to get going. 

Here is a list of the only 5 equipment’s you need, to carry out an effective work-out at home:

1. Yoga Mat:


A yoga mat is a blessing for everyone who doesn’t want to head to the gym. It is the first thing that you should get for a home gym. A yoga mat can be used in various exercises, and of course for doing Yoga. All the exercises that are done on the mat do wonder for your body. The best place to break-in the mat would be with sit-ups and planks. These exercises have the reputation of giving the best results when it comes to abs workout, and they always deliver. With the mat, all you need is space and some ideas. 

2. Weights: 


Not being able to make it to the gym should not have any relation to achieving your fitness targets. Weights are very useful to build muscle by creating those micro-tears while working out. For weights, you can use either a Dumbbell or a Kettlebell. The difference between a Dumbbell and a Kettlebell is the distribution of weight. Dumbbells are balanced from top to bottom whereas the weight of Kettlebells is offset and is unbalanced. Choose what works for you. If you've got none, you can temporarily substitute with a bottle of water; just bump up your reps though.

3. Training Shoes:


Working-out without your shoes is the best invitation you can give to an injury. Just because you are working out at home doesn’t mean this workout can be taken lightly. Shoes should always be the first thing to take care of. It will reduce the impact on your knees and ankles, especially during the high-intensity workout sessions. Getting the right training shoes will make it much easier for you to push harder and for longer.

 4. Resistance Bands:


    A resistance band is easy to use rubber made equipment that comes in different shapes such as straight, flat or tubular. There are resistance bands with tensions ranging from light to extra heavy. It is an equipment that every athlete uses in his warm-up. It is one of the most versatile and agile home-use equipment, plus it is convenient as it uses next to no space. And even though there are multiple tension options available, you can start with just one.  We also suggest you can get longer tension bands and wrapping them in loops to increase tension.

    5. Skipping Rope:

      Skipping is a great way to work on your calves and also for a great cardio session. It gives you the much-needed intensity to get in the groove of work out. We understand the problems of keeping track of a skipping workout. It might also get monotonous some times. There are some great skipping work-out apps on the market that can help you stay engaged and improve your skipping game. One such app is Crossrope. It helps you in achieving your goals with the most relative of ease. 

      There you go people, working out at home is quite fun. You don’t need to bear the unnecessary pain of expensive gym memberships to achieve your fitness targets. Some equipment with guided direction and an indomitable will are enough to do the trick. What are you waiting for? Make hay while the sun shines! 

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