Target Achieved: Soccer Brands That Got It Right

Nike was founded in the year 1964, Adidas stamped its mark 15 years before Nike in the year 1949. What is the secret behind the stupendous success of these companies? That magic factor that has kept them a step above everyone else for the past 7 decades. Making the best products? Yes, obviously. You can’t dominate for that long without quality. But is it just quality. Or is it something else as well. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Lionel Messi and Adidas

Well, we come across that name a few times. Full disclosure, more than a few times. But it’s hardly our fault that Messi has taken the footballing fraternity to the gods. We are just privileged to see him do that. You might be wondering that its Messi’s talents and not his boots, the reason behind all that astounding success. Here’s where you are wrong. Messi has been bestowed upon with the best Adidas Shoes since the year 2006. To think that he would have come that far without the support of the best is a little far-fetched. Messi was also the only player to wear the signature Adidas shoes at the 2014 FIFA world cup. Just goes on the show the magnitude of importance Adidas places on Messi.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Nike

Without a shadow of a doubt, he has been the forward of the decade. The decade that just left us, gave us a super highlight of how attacking football should be played. And Ronaldo was the pinpoint man on that. The weightage assigned to Ronaldo by NIKE is exemplified by the simple fact that he was the First footballer and third overall, to ink a 1 Billion $ deal with Nike, in 2016. Ronaldo lets his goals do the talking for him, but without his shoes that would have been impossible. 


Many people don’t know this, but Puma was started by Rudolf Dassler who was the brother of Adolf Dassler, THAT’s right. The founder of Puma was the brother of the founder of Adidas. It was a feud between the two brothers that led to the creation of two different companies. Probably the first time, a brother feud resulted in something good. Since then, Puma has become the third-largest sportswear manufacturer. This is the reason stars like Antoine Griezmann and Sergio Aguero prefer Puma over the daily giants. 

We can only be thankful to the players for giving their 100% day in day out. But these brands also deserve a shout out who have been a constant wall of support for these superstars. 

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