How To Maintain And Take Care Of Your Badminton Racquet

We can say, that in many ways racket sports depend a lot on the racket, be it Tennis, Badminton, Squash, etc. The focus here would be on what all we can do, to ensure that the racket does not get damaged. 

Keep the suggested Stringing tension in Mind

I understand the urge to tinker with the stringing tensions according to our needs. Not a bad idea at all. But if we deviate a bit too much it degrades the racket by putting unnecessary pressure on the frame. The racket makers come up with a racket after a lot of research, it’s highly suggested to respect that research. 

On and Off-court care of the racket 

Probably the worst thing that can happen to a racket is, it getting physically broken or damaged. A damaged frame is as good as a broken frame. It becomes pivotal to ensure that the racket is stored properly in a racket cover or a kit bag after every session. While playing too, one needs to make sure that the racket is not brushed up against the wall or ground. Coming together of two rackets in a head-on crash is a big NO. If something like this happens, immediately check the frame of the racket for cracks or damages.

Sweaty Palms 

Racket slipping out of the hands, and hitting the ground is never a pretty sight. There are high chances that the racket might be broken or severely damaged. To avoid such incidents, make sure that you change the racket grip at regular intervals. The grip is the covering on the wooden handle, that provides cushion while playing, Changing grips is highly recommended for people who sweat a lot. 

Oh, Sweet Spot!

The dream of every badminton player would be to strike every shuttle from the center of the racket. Well, an inch or two here there is also not bad. But the shuttle hitting the frame is catastrophic. You should try to avoid that all costs. The shuttle hitting the frame results in much wear and tear for the racket.

Buying a good racket is one thing. Taking care of it is another. You need to be extra careful while using the equipment as it is your best friend on the court. If you take care of the racket, the racket takes care of you. Quid pro co.  

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