Legs & Lockdown, How To Keep Your Legs Working

Wondering what it feels like to walk again? The quarantine has limited us to the confines of our homes and the legs have nothing to do. So it is you who have to keep the muscles and tendons working and maybe work on them to increase their performance. All you need is your body weight and a smudge of motivation and you’re good to go.

Bodyweight Squats

With your feet at shoulder length stand with your weight on your heels. Hinge forward your hips and push your butt back into a squat position. Bend your knees until the thighs are parallel to the ground. Squeeze your butt and tighten your core.

Plie squat Calf raise

Stand with a little wider than shoulder length and squat until the thighs are parallel to the ground. Now stay in the position while lifting your heels above the ground and holding the position for 2 seconds then lower the heels.

Side lunges

Keep feet at hip length. Take a step onto the left side and bent the left knee pushing your butt back. Keep the right leg straight while keeping your chest and shoulders straight and tight. Now repeat on the other side. 

Side leg raises

Lie on one of your sides with legs stacked one on top of the other. Keep hands on your hips for support. Raise the top leg into the air slowly. Make sure you lift from the butt and hips rather than the lower back. Repeat it on the other side.

Squat Jumps

Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width. Repeat the process of a squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Now jump up while simultaneously straightening your legs. Swing your arms for momentum. Keep your back straight and chest lifted. Land back softly and move on to the next squat. 

Single leg calf raises

With legs at the width of hips raise your left knee to hip level and keep your hands on your hips for stability. Lift your right toe as high as you can and balance on the ball of your foot. Hold for 3 seconds and move on to the next leg.

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