How To Stay Active And Be Productive During Lockdown

Quarantine time seems endless & with that comes the uncertainty of the near future. Though it’s the last thing you should be worried about, gaining weight during this period and growing lethargic is a valid concern. We can’t wait around for the lockdown to end and hence have to make most of what we have. Turning into a couch potato affects mental health too. It’s very easy to get bored and walk into the kitchen to snack and pass the time. 

Here are a few things should or shouldn’t do to come out of this lockdown as healthy as you were (perhaps healthier)

Maintaining a balanced diet

With nothing else to do our mind shifts to food. It is essential to maintain a healthy and constant diet. Avoid binge eating and increase the protein and vitamins in the diet. Nuts can be an alternative binging snack and can increase energy and productivity.

Walk, walk, walk

Movement is very essential. Whether you’re working, reading, or binge-watching, there has to be some kind of motion. Walk around your house in circles or move your feet over and over in the same position.

Exercise on schedule

At a time when you can’t distinguish Monday from Sunday, it becomes important to have a schedule. Whatever your exercise time is, stick to it. Having something to do at a particular time gives you a reason to get up in the morning and complete tasks. The exercises can begin from basic and steadily increase the level. Take a challenge!

Hobbies are everything

Hobbies can not just help you pass time but help you achieve your personal goals. Write a story, learn an instrument and show it to the world. Sharing your hobbies and achievements online can help you feel a part of the community. 

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