How To Set Up A Home Gym?

GYM! Going to the gym seems like the biggest hurdle one faces when wanting to get a workout done. The effort of getting to the gym feels daunting due to which we drop the plan. With a year of home workouts & indoor activities, setting up a home gym which can amp up your fitness needs is THE way to go!

Having a home gym allows you to focus on your fitness goals — rather than being held back by your fears and inhibitions. So, you can work comfortably from & ace your fitness goals!
Although setting up a home gym might feel like a huge task, we've covered that for you from why you should invest in a home gym & how you should plan for it.

I - Reasons Why Home Gym is Right for You:

  • Workout at any time : The best reason to get a home gym, with the access so close to home (pun intended), you can choose your time & pace which allows you to maximize your fitness level.
  • Have your own space : You are in a judgment-free zone! You can wear anything and work out the way you want without anyone watching you, even run like Phoebe!
  • Customize the gym as you want : One of the best things about the home gym is that you can customize it perfectly according to your needs and goals.
  • Never have to wait for your turn : How many times has it happened that you’ve approached an equipment & you have to wait for the person on it to finish their workout? It’s tiring & SUCH a mood killer! Well, that’s not a worry anymore
  • Save time and workout for long : With the comfort of your home you need not travel anywhere & can get done more with the saved time!
  • Save on expensive gym memberships : With one-off purchases in a home gym, you are looking at an investment in your fitness.

II - How to Plan For Your Home Gym: Step-by-Step Guide to Set Up Home Gym:

  • Goals, Goals, GOALS!:

The way to maximize the benefits is by having the right equipment set up as per your goals for fitness. With this established in your mind you can think of the cost required to build your home gym.

  • The Right Space:


Which corner of the house, or the room are you saving up to set up your home gym?
A crucial question when it comes to setting up a home gym, which determines the kind of equipment you need to invest in.

With more space you can definitely go for more equipment but not an issue to worry if you have less space too, you can work with minimum equipment that is multipurpose.

  • Budget?:

Home gyms aren’t only meant for the rich. PERIOD. You can build your own home gym with equipment you require according to your fitness level & gradually build up the gym as per your needs.

For example: If your workout demands heavyweights and a rack, it's going to be more expensive than a workout that relies more on floor exercises involving medicine balls, yet less expensive if you are more interested in complicated cardio machines.

Pro Tip: Do some quick online research to get an idea of the costs associated with different types of gym equipment and if you are on a tight budget you could consider buying second-hand equipment.

  • Build your Gym:

The actual fun begins here, with you choosing the kind of equipment you want & need. Remember, your choice of equipment should help you reach your fitness goals, above all else. Also, you don't need different pieces of equipment to meet your goals. And you certainly don't have to buy them all at once. Remember, the best home gyms evolve over time; so, start with just the most important ones and then build on it.

For example: You could start off with a bench and barbell for strength training, a yoga mat and medicine ball for functional fitness or just a jump/skipping rope to improve your cardio fitness. As your workout routine evolves, so will your gym. You might find yourself adding more weights or different machines to meet your evolved fitness goals.

A Few Things To Remember Here Are:

- Invest in a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for multiple exercises.
- Prefer durable equipment with long warranties that will stand the test of time.
- If you are not on a tight budget and if the aesthetic of the gym is a priority to you, you might want to consider the look and feel of your equipment – the color scheme, and the general vibe.

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