How to Increase Immunity at Home

The human body is an intricate yet beautifully managed self-sufficient machine. It does not need any outside help to protect you. Yet somehow we end up spending a lot on expensive medicines and supplements, to equip us with something that we already have. The time to remember that we are self-sufficient has arrived.

Our body’s ability to protect us from different kinds of diseases is our Immunity. And believe it or not but it is due to our negligence, we end up falling in the trap of diseases. What we need now is to revive that system, and to refuel it with all that it needs. Just providing the necessities is enough for our body to ward off diseases and keep us healthy and safe in the long run.

The best part about increasing your immunity is that it can all be done at your home!  


Tips to Increase your Immunity

There are many ways to start with this. But a detailed plan never hurts. We can segregate these tips into three main categories:

  • Exercises 
  • Food 
  • Other General Guidelines 



It is one of those things that should always find some space in our daily routine. But it’s never too late to start.


India’s very own set of exercises that easily predates any other known exercise in the world. Yoga is a wonderful way to get your day started and it helps to keep your body vigil and healthy. Some of the best exercises to do are: 

  • Surya Namaskar 
  • Bhujang Asana
  • Meditation 


It is a form of physical exercise that combines exercise with music. This intense session results in a good cardio workout while helping your body flexibility at the same time. Aerobics is the best way to get your heart pumping to your loved tunes while burning calories. 



Easily one of the best-known exercises for working on your abs and getting them toned down. But planks help in build immunity is a rather unknown fact. There are many variations to this exercise.

  • Forearm Plank
    1. Place your forearms on the floor and your elbows aligned with your shoulders.
    2. Try to maintain a straight line with your body, avoid any drops at the back
  • Sidearm Plank
    1. Lie on your right side with legs aligned and stacked over one another. 
    2. Make sure that your right arm is directly under your shoulder. 
    3. The head should be in line with your spine.
    4. Lift your hips and knees while exhaling, and stay put on your right palm. 
    5. Change sides

 Exercise Bikes:

The modern world has surely re-envisioned the way we exercise. Exercise bikes are a classic example of that. 30 mins of cycling on this are enough to give your legs a toned shape and your mind a healthy start. The best part is that it gets you all the benefits of cycling while allowing you to stay inside your home.


Another one of modern-day inventions. A treadmill is a great way to increase your stamina and giving your body the daily dosage of cardio. This modern equipment gives you the chance to experience running on a hill or on a flat surface at the same time.

Food to increase your Immunity:

Food as a whole is a very broad category. For easy understanding let us classify food into three different segments, namely Fruits, Vegetables and Dry Fruits.



  • Citrus fruits:
    Vitamin C is the best know immunity builder, and eating Citrus fruit gives you loads of that. Whenever you are suffering from cold, cough look for fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruit. 

        • Watermelon: 
          Yes, apart from providing us with instant relief during hot summer days. Watermelon helps a lot in building your immunity system. It is rich not only in Vitamin C but also in Vitamins A and B. 

        • Papaya: 
          Yet, another one of crowd-pleasers and it is packed with roughly 224% of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin C. It has multiple benefits apart from that, as it helps in digestion too. 


        •  Garlic: 
          Yes, we know. Not your first preference when it comes to the smell. But garlic is a great immunity builder. It has a rich pool of antimicrobial properties that help in lowering your blood pressure.

        •  Spinach: 
          Green vegetables have always found their way onto every child’s plate. This is so because apart from being rich in Vitamin C they are packed with numerous antioxidants and beta carotene which increase the body’s infection-fighting ability.

        •  Ginger: 
          Ginger is another element that we turn to when we get sick. It helps to reduce inflammation during a sore throat. But more importantly, it helps to reduce chronic pain. This helps you speed up your recovery process. 

        Dry Fruits:

        • Almonds: 
          Undoubtedly, the first one to think of. Apart from its known benefits of memory retention, almonds are the one-stop-solution to fulfill all your daily needs for Vitamin E. A half-cup serving of almonds, completes your daily need of Vitamin E.   

        • Figs: 
          A high dose of fiber, while giving you a sweet taste is Figs quality. It helps your digestive system get rid of the waste.

        • Dry Dates:
          A fantastic source of curing your body of extra cholesterol. It not only helps you to build immunity but also keeps your body in a healthy shape for a longer run. 

        Other General Guidelines:  

        •  Sleep Well: 
          Studies have shown that while sleeping, the body releases certain proteins called cytokines. The cytokines count needs to increase when you have an infection. So having a proper sleep cycle, helps your body get the right amount of cytokines to prepare itself for future battles.

        • Eat Right: 
          It is okay to have an occasional cheat day, but the rest of your diet needs to strictly revolve around good healthy food. Cutting down on fatty foods is in many ways the first step towards building an impenetrable defense system.

        • Taking care of your hands: 
          Quite frankly, the first thing on a to-do list in today’s world. Our hands touch various objects and reach out to different places. It is no surprise that they are the easiest route for a bacteria or a virus to enter your body. Washing your hands regularly goes a long way in keeping the germs at bay.

        We have been granted the best machine the world has ever seen. Best not just because of the sheer number of functions it performs at one go but because it has the power to self-correct without any outside calibration. A perfect machine such as this deserves all the attention and if we achieve that, in return, it gives us a long and healthy life.

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