How To Do A Push-Up The Right Way To Build A Strong Upper Body

At some point, each one of us has wondered how to perfectly do a push-up. With tons of benefits, a push-up is a perfect workout to increase your upper-body strength. It uses shoulders, triceps, chest muscles, backs, abs and even legs to some extent. It also increases core strength and builds mobility for the shoulder joints. The upper body strength and the stable core also aids in better running form. Here are a few steps to get your push-up just right. 

  1. Lie down on all fours and keep your hands slightly wider than the shoulders.
  2. Balance your body on your hands and your toes by extending your legs back. Maintain your body in a straight line and make sure it does not sag or make an arch from head to toe. Depending on comfort, spread your legs or keep them close. Also, make sure to draw your shoulder blades back so that they aren’t rounded forward.
  3. Keep a tight core. Pull your belly button towards your spine, contract your abs.
  4. Inhale, bend your elbows and lower yourself, until the elbows form 45% angle with the body. While that’s how it should be done, you can also adjust according to your shoulder mobility and comfort.
  5. Exhale, while pushing back up. Make sure that the hip is lined with the body. Now push back to the original position. Keep the elbows slightly bent, don’t lock them out. 

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