How to Clean your Home Gym?

Gyms are germ playgrounds, that’s a fact everyone is familiar with. Even with home gyms, they tend to get dirty quickly, even though just a few people or just one person might be using the gym. It is best to keep the gym area as clean as possible to prevent it from being a breeding ground for germs. Disinfecting your machines after each use is a good way to keep them clean but few items require extra care, this includes, yoga mats, weights, and machines: everything that you come in contact with. 

Using disinfectant wipes or spray is a good method to keep your gym clean, but this practice can be deemed safe depending on the frequency of your usage of your gym. It is necessary to have a deep clean session for home gyms at least every one to two weeks. For a deep clean, you could use mild soap and water and finish it with a disinfectant.

1. Yoga Mats: Spray your mat thoroughly with a sanitizing spray and let it dry. If you are using disinfectant wipe make sure you clean the surface thoroughly and let it air dry completely before rolling it back up. For a deep clean, place the mat in the bottom of your bathtub and scrub it thoroughly with a brush, and dry well. 

2. Foam Rollers: Similar to yoga mats, wiping your foam rollers is a good way to clean them. However, If you notice that your foam roller is getting worn down or discolored, despite topical disinfecting, it may be time to get a new roller. Make sure to opt for one that has a more solid, nonporous surface that will be less apt to collect particles.

3. Hand Weights: Spraying disinfectant should do the surface cleaning. However, it is better to have your weights cleaned once every 2 weeks with soap & water using a scrub brush to remove any debris which might be stuck in the ridges of your weights.

4. Resistance Bands: Disinfectant wipes are a good way to clean them, using soap water for a deeper clean is advisable too. Make sure to dry them completely before using. 

Keeping your equipment clean and sanitized is a good practice. It definitely helps in keeping a clean surrounding, preventing you from infections as well as helps in maintaining and increasing the life of your equipment / exercise tools.

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