How To Choose Running Shoes Based On Surface

You know what to look for when
 you’re searching for a running shoe. Every shoe must be customized to the surface you intend to run on. A shoe might work more effectively on a particular surface rather than another. Alternatively, if you use a shoe on a wrong surface, it could lead to serious injuries, moreover reducing the shoe’s lifespan. So, look around and decide which surface to run on and we’ll help you decide how to choose the perfect shoe for that surface.


Being one of the hardest surfaces to run on, shoes need to have certain factors to make for a smooth running. Factors like grip don’t have much impact while choosing a shoe for the road. The thing of foremost importance is cushioning, to counter the hard surface. The higher the level of cushioning, the better you’re suited to run without being injured too gravely. It will lessen the impact of landing. 


Trails can differ in their properties but are hard enough so that you don’t come across an untoward injury. Again, good grip and steady support are absolutely necessary since the surface has loose dirt. Running without proper grips in upward and downward inclinations can lead to accidents that can cause harm not just to your feet but your entire body. Happy trails.


A track is a man-made running surface made to make your experience smoothest. One of the easiest surfaces to run on, it provides ample cushioning. Extra cushioning can lead to instability and make you feel uncomfortable. You can choose a lightweight shoe, which is ideal for running large distances. Go for spikes, they will give you the extra grip and keep you on your toes.


A Treadmill can be a great place to kick-off your running. It moves to your command and lets you time to get used to the process and can be a great time-saver if you’re really busy. An average person would run faster on a treadmill and therefore would need more stability and firmness. It would also help if the shoes are light. Some treadmill shoes provide cushioning in the heel area. Tread carefully.

Now that you know about surfaces and the right kind of shoes for them, you are equipped to go buy yourself the perfect shoe.

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