Football Techniques: Four Ways To Dribble Past Your Opponent

Ball at the feet and running past players is every footballer’s dream. The major reason behind the love for the game is that feeling when you slide past players when they are charging at you. As lovely as it sounds it is not that easy to do. You need to have a fair bit of idea of the players the ball and of course your foot. Here are some tips that might help you get past the opponent.

Cruyff Turn

How can this not be the first? Named after the Dutch legend the Cruyff turn is a slick way to fool your opponents. When you are surrounded by your opponents and there seems no way out, you need to take one or two steps with the ball showing the opponent that you are going to kick it forward. But rather than kicking it forward you will stop the ball and pull it back 180 degrees with the help of your standing leg. The weight transfer from one leg to another needs to be smooth and mastering this move will help you glide past the opponent with rather ease.

Speed Dribbling

A rather elementary but very effective way to beat the player. All you need to do is change your pace when your opponent is tailing you. This is very startling for the player. You can act as if you are going to pass the ball and then with a sudden change in pace you are past him.

Step Overs

A very fancy but effective way to deceive your opponent. There are many types of stepovers inside step over, outside step over, etc. The basic philosophy is to show the opponent that you are attempting a pass but instead of that you move your leg over the ball and slide past him. This process of moving the leg over the ball can be done multiple times, the more smoothly you do it the better are the chances of getting the better of the other player.

La Croqueta

Or better known as the Andres Iniesta move. The legendary Spanish and Barcelona midfielder mastered this. It requires excellent coordination between both your legs. The trick is to pass the ball from one leg to the other. It happens very swiftly leaving no chance for the opponent. The thing to remember while executing this is to not over hit the ball and to maintain the balance as the ball moves from one foot to the other.

General things to be remembered while dribbling 

  • Always use your arms as well. They will help you in balancing your body. 
  • It is the front of the feet that kicks the ball and that is where you should stay always, in an alert position.  
  • Athletic posture is the best posture. It will always keep you in an alert position ready for the ever changing game of football.

These skills are easier said than done. It is hard work and dedication which will eventually allow you to succeed in these skills. So keep practicing and attempt them with full confidence.


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