Goals Achieved: Ways To Work Out At Home

Staying at home can be tough, but it shouldn't make you lazy. Going through your fitness regime is the best thing that you can do to stay active. And if you were thinking that workout at home is unachievable then don’t worry, we have got your covered. 

There are many different exercises that you can do, to maintain the gym rhythm without visiting the gym. 

Let’s ponder over the basic elements that complete a workout. 

  • Warm-up 
  • Cardio 
  • Strength 
  • Stretches
  • Cooldown

Seems elaborate right? but don’t worry you can do all of this at home. 


A warm-up can as easy as some high knees or jog in place. Your objective with the warm-up is to get the muscles ready for what’s about to come. A five-seven minute's high knees activity should be followed by some shoulder and trunk rotations. 


What about those abs? 

The best and the easiest thing to go for. All you need is a yoga mat or a thick towel to do the trick. Some of the exercises that you can try are:

  • Basic Sit Up - always the first on the abdominal workout list. You should start with 2 sets of five reps each if you are a beginner. This will help your abdomen to get the feel of the workout and prepare for the rest.
  • THE V – 
    • Start with your back on the ground, and slightly lift your upper and your lower body. Keeping only your hip on the ground.
    • From this position, try to look at your toes.
    • Hold in this position for 20-30 seconds, and try 2 sets of this. 
  • 90-degree sit-ups - this exercise has got two variants
  • Variation 1
      •  Fold your legs in the air, forming an angle of 90 degrees between your upper body and your legs.
      •  Keep your hands on the ground, with the palm facing downwards
      • Try to hold in this position for 20- 30 seconds. 
    • Variation 2
        • Get in the same position 
        • Try to get your upper body closer to your knees, and then back to the starting position
        • Exhale while moving up, inhale while getting back down
        • Try 2 sets of seven reps each


    • Planks -   probably the most famous of exercises for abs. Plank is a very effective way to get results. It has got many variations. 
    • Forearm Planks
      • Place your forearms on the floor and your elbows aligned with your shoulders.
      • Try to maintain a straight line with your body, avoid any drops at the back.
      • Hold in this position for 20 seconds, and try two sets of the same. 
    • Side Planks
      • Lie on your right side with legs aligned and stacked over one another. 
      • Make sure that your right arm is directly under your shoulder. 
      • The head should be in line with your spine.
      • Lift your hips and knees while exhaling, and stay put on your right palm. 
      • Your body should be in a straight line. 
      • Hold in this position for 20-30 seconds, and then switch to the other side. 


    Never miss a Leg day

    That’s right. You can ensure that those leg days are not missed even when at home. Lunges are a very good exercise and apart from that, squats are also a great way to get your thighs working. You should start with the basic squat.


    • Squats 
      • Stand upright with your legs shoulder-width apart. 
      • Now, bend down as if you were going to sit on a chair and make sure that your back remains straight. Keep your hands behind your head.
      • While bending, the knees should never go beyond your toes. Thus ensuring that the weight falls in the right direction. 
      • Start with 2 sets of ten reps each. 
    • Squats with Weights - this is a variation to the original exercise.
      • Follow the same squat process. 
      • This time, take a filled one-litre water bottle in your hand and as you go down your hands should go down with your legs. 
      • Come back to the starting position, with your hands held in front of you.
      • Start with 2 sets of seven reps each. 


    • Lunges 
      • It will be more beneficial if you can use some weights or a filled one-litre water bottle for this one. 
      • Start by standing upright, and then slowly take your left leg back. Once you reach the maximum stretch, bend it down to 90-degrees and touch the ground with your back knee. Bring your leg back to the starting position.
      • The water bottle should be in your opposite hand, and it should go down with the movement of the legs and come back up when the leg returns. 
      • Do 10 reps of one leg, and then switch the leg. 


    Upper Body:

    Your shoulders and triceps also need to be taken care of. At the gym you have heavy equipment, at home, you can do these simple yet effective exercises.

    • Bench Triceps
      • Sit with your back against a bench/chair/bed. 
      • Hold the end of the object, as shown in the picture.
      • Flatten your legs, and move your body up and down using your hands. 
      • Start with 2 sets of five reps each.


    • Push-ups 
      • Start off with the normal stance push-ups. 
      • Make sure that your hands don't move outwards when you go down. 
      • 2 sets of ten reps each, are good to start with.
      • you can move to a wider grip if you feel comfortable



    We will not be surprised if you were also one of those people who tends to overlook stretching on a regular day. Here is your chance to clear that backlog. Stretching is a very important aspect when it comes to fitness. It will be more than apt if you spend an entire session on your stretching exercises. Use the mat and go in for a full-body stretch. The basic stretching exercises that you should include in your routine are – 

    • Standing Hamstring stretch:
      • Start by standing upright, with your feet shoulder-width apart
      • Bend towards your feet, and exhale while doing so. Ensure that your knees remain straight
      • Hold your ankles, and stay for 30-45 seconds. 
    • The thigh stretch:
      • Start with your knees and palms on the ground, and head facing forward. 
      • Lift one leg and extend it in the direction of your toes, without changing your position on the mat. 
      • Do the same for, another leg. Holding your body in that position for 30 seconds on each leg.  
    • The Bridge:
      • Lie flat on your back and lift your legs and rest them on a medicine ball or a chair.
      • Once you find a suitable position, lift your back. Palms should be kept on the ground facing downwards. 
      • Feel the stretch, and get back to the starting position.
      • Try to hold in the position for 30 seconds. 


    Cool Down 

    Congrats, you did manage to keep up with the pace of a regular gym session. But complacency at the last hurdle will not go down well. So ensure that you allow your body to relax and prepare for the next session. For cooling down all you need to do is rest for five-seven minutes’ by lying down on you back or take a bucket full of hot water and sit with your legs dipped in it. It acts as a natural massage, thus allowing your legs to recover.

    Some other tips to follow when working out at home –

    • Use the proper gear, don’t think that work out at home can be done without the shoes. 
    • Watch out for space. Carefully outline the area where you’re going to work out in advance. 
    • Don’t let the motivation dip. Set daily targets. 

     There you go. Fitness at home is not unachievable. With the right amount of motivation, everything is possible. 

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