FAQs On Back Pain

Today, when you have to practically do everything by yourself and even manage WFH scenarios you more often than not, are going to land up in one thing that is most popular amongst us physios- Back Pain! 

In this article, I have managed to answer some FAQs regarding back pain

To begin with, explaining the anatomy i.e. structure of your spine. Your spine is an ‘S’ shaped curve. It is a beautifully designed part of your body with each part of the ‘S’ having unique characteristics. Right from your birth to adulthood these curves undergo development to become fully mature. Now depending on your age, lifestyle and occupation, this curve may undergo degenerative/maladaptive changes. Hence it becomes vital to learn good postures and adapt a healthy lifestyle for an overall well being. Quoting Joseph Pilates, the father of Pilates,” You’re only as young as your spine is flexible”.

Does Bad Posture Cause Back Pain? – The answer is YES! There can be a number of causes of back pain from physical trauma to infection or illness. Although how you carry yourself matters a big deal. While other forms of pain can be relieved by rest, back pain persists despite it. How do you identify that pain you have is due to your posture? It’s easy -when the pain comes in certain positions or after you have been in one position for long is the indication for posture to be bad. Not to forget our default positions of hunching. Bad posture is developed into a habit over months or years. Hence it requires effort to “fix-it” too. But once you learn the techniques and hacks of good posture it will be very rewarding- PROMISE!

Does Rest Help Reduce Back Pain? – Rest is never the solution to it. The logic is, there are discs in between your vertebrae of the spine. If there is no movement these discs do not receive any nutrition. So the correct way to go is intermittent rest in between activity. Unless you have been diagnosed with any infective disease it is best to give your spine the movement it deserves!

Hot Vs. Cold: What Do I Use? – Ice is used for injuries. When you have swelling, redness ice helps in reducing the inflammation. Although not magical it does provide some relief. You should not resort to ice if you have circulation problems. Also, it is to be done only from 15-20minutes. There are many ways you can apply ice. Either with an ice pack or just taking ice cubes inside the ice bag. Hot or rather lukewarm is for muscles and stress relief. Some people swear by it as it also induces relaxation. It is a judgement call depending on what the symptoms you present with are. It is not life-threatening of course to use either however if used incorrectly it can lead to ramifications. 

What Exercises Should I Do For Back Pain? – Unfortunately, there are no standardized exercises for any back pain problem. Physiotherapists cater to individualised symptoms and all exercise protocols are customised according to client needs. It requires a thorough evaluation. Hence it is best to see your physio first. After you have acquired a good back strength it is best to resort to some physical activity e.g., Pilates, yoga, functional training (depending on what you’re permitted) to maintain your fitness levels.  That is the best way to keep all aches and pains away.


- Dr. Rajisha Shah


  • Iona Hegde

    Well written article and very informative too! Thank you Dr Rajisha!

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    Very nicely explain

  • Dr Narendra Madhav Rege-Senior Orthopedic Spine And Joint Replacement Surgeon

    Good advice Dr. The call of the hour is surely customized quota based protocol..Your advice for use of ice in a rotational fashion for few minutes is essential for patients to know post strain
    All the best Dr. Your approach is truly scientific and result oriented

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    Beautifully explained

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    Good explanation about back pain.

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