Different Footballing Positions and Their Roles

The world has only one constant thing, that is change. Football is a part of the world only. So it becomes but natural for football to keep on changing as well. If you ask a 90’s fan to explain the term sweeper-keeper, I am pretty sure he/she will turn a blind eye. It is not their lack of knowledge of the game which refrains them for answering the question, it is because they haven’t seen that kind of play they are rendered helpless. Keepers in football were solely expected to kick and catch the ball. But with the advent of the modern game, their role changed from someone standing on one end of the pitch to someone helping in playing the ball out from the back, the chances of this happening in the ’90s were roughly equal to the chances of India winning the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

Sweeper, what??

It is not only the keeper whose role has changed, but the whole game has also been turned on its head. But without the changes in the equipment, this would not have been possible. The shoes that are available today, are a paradise treat. And the best part of all of it is that it will not cost you a fortune.

The Industrious - 

It often happens that we underappreciate something easily available to us. The same is the case with the role of a Defensive/Holding Midfielder. Not the most lucrative of positon on the field, but one of the most demanding. It is safe to say, that if you are looking to pioneer this position, get ready to burn your lungs out. You will need a lightweight shoe to help you get through all the turmoil while busting up and down the pitch. 

You say GOAT, I say Messi – 

The defenders and the midfielders are the foundation of a team. But it is ultimately the people up front who score. And you can only win a football match by scoring goals. This does not undermine the importance of the people at the back but places a higher weightage on the people upfront. False 9 was a position that was introduced upfront and safe to say Lionel Messi championed the position in 2009. Aiming to do the same? Just watch the 2009 Messi.  


Playing anywhere is fun, but playing right is more fun. So make the right selection, as shoes will help you get out of a lot of trouble. Get out there and break a leg. 

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