Buyer's Guide: Tips To Take Care Of Your Shoes

Shoes are a very essential piece of sporting gear for every outdoor sport. The rigorous use of shoes is the only thing that all outdoor sports have in common. So it makes sense to pay some extra heed to such a crucial element. Here are some tips to take care of your shoes. 


We need to realize the difference between a sports shoe and a sneaker. A sneaker is meant for wearing to casual outings or informal events, a sports shoe isn't. Sports shoes are meant for that particular sport and if you use them outside the jurisdiction of the court, you are only wreaking havoc on them. The shoe is not built to take unnecessary wear and tear. And you must ensure that that doesn't happen. 


People have this wrong misconception that shoes are supposed to take in all the heat, the dust and the smearing of other harmful substances. Well, they are NOT. They demand proper care. So you have to clean your shoes based on the material they are made up of. A dry soft cloth is generally the way to go with, but it never harms to double-check.  


Yes, there is a shoe cover and you are most definitely supposed to use it. We all have noticed the footballers bringing their shoes in a shoe bag, and yet, we have never asked the question to ourselves? Why, do they do it? Worth thinking, and the prime reason is to protect the shoe. If they do it, we most surely can. 

We hope you must have realized by now, that buying the right shoe is only the first step. It is a journey that will last long only if you ensure proper care. So, follow these steps and enjoy your gear for a little while longer. 

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