Buyer's Guide: How To Choose A Football

There’s no game without the ball. And every ball is not a great one.. Buying a perfect ball can increase the accuracy of your training or change the entire game for you. It can be the difference between a winning match or a losing one. There are many factors taken into consideration when buying a football. Factors like durability, bladder, sizing and many more come into play if you’re really serious about kicking the ball.


Three types of covers exist- PVC (PolyVinylCarbonate), PU (Polyurethane), and a mixture of the two. PVC is cheaper than PU. PU is used by players looking for optimal performance. Other than the price, the touch is the difference between these covers. PU is softer and livelier than PVC.


The cover or casing determines durability. PVC is more durable than PU, which is softer and shows sign of wear and tear more quickly. Glossy coatings help in reducing water absorption. 


This is a part which is filled with air. Latex and Butyl are the two materials used to make the bladder. Latex is softer and is used at higher levels while it also loses air pretty quickly and needs to be refilled again and again. Butyl bladders are used for better retention.

Match vs Training

Match balls are checked beforehand and made for the purpose of a game. They follow the strict size, sphericity, and weight regulations. Training balls are made for durability and can be played everywhere. Basically, go crazy with the training balls.

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