Basic Body Feint Techniques - 5 Football Skills You NEED To Learn

Today we’re going to work on a few body feint techniques, which are going to help you improve your game. These are very realistic game techniques. Let’s get started.
As we’re all stuck at home, we don’t need a lot of space for this. Just a 3X3 inch square would work for this exercise. We’re going to start with a small warm-up and then we’ll move on to the main movements.

Warm-up: We'll do some basic stretching, hip cradles & leg raises. Primarily to get your body warmed up and be ready for main movements. Let's also do some ball juggles as a part of your warm-up exercise. 50 juggles with a smaller ball & 100 with the normal sized ball. It’s fine if you drop it, just get to the target number.

Main Movements:

1. Body Feint Mechanics Basics
We’re going to do 5 exercises of body feint mechanics and we want you to do this in a circuit format. First of all, let's get the body feint mechanics right. Drop your shoulders on one side and get back up. Then we’re going to do this 45 sec straight.

2. Outside Foot Body Feint
For the second exercise, you’ll use your outside foot, take a touch, drop your shoulders and then come back on the other side. We'll first demonstrate in the video in slow motion and then you go for 45 sec straight.

3. Inside Foot Body Feint
For the third exercise, we’re going to use our inside foot to start the exercise. So we’re going to take an inside touch, drop it on one side, trick the defender we’re going on the other side, and then go on this side. Inside touch, lean on one side and then go on the other side. As you remember, Modric’s goal against Argentina - This is exactly what he did. Hence these game realistic drills and he used used the same technique

4. Inside Stepover Body Feint
Drill no. 4 is Inside Stepover! This is a great drill if you’re a central midfielder or a winger and if you’re getting pressure, then you can just throw the defender on one side and turn on the other side. We'll demonstrate how it’s done and then we go for 45 sec straight.
You go over the ball, drop your shoulders and then go on the other side.

5. Fake Shot
This is the last exercise of this circuit and we’re going to do a fake shot. Although this doesn't completely fall under the body feint category, this is something you’re going to use very often in your game. So we highly recommend you practice this, especially if you’re someone with both your feet working and to deliver a good cross and in around the D box, you’re definitely going to use this.
Take a touch outside, go in a shooting position and take the ball back.

So guys, these were the five exercises that we have for you. This forms one circuit. You can go for these for like 3 to 5 times depending upon how you are feeling. Take 2 to 3 min water breaks in between.
There are two things:
  • You should wear shoes, because this is not the ideal surface to work on. Your shoes will give you a little bit of cushioning effect.
  • Your focus should be on quality and intensity. It’s okay to do it even for 45 secs, but when you do it, it has to be perfect and the intensity should be high because that is what is going to get replicated in the game.
You don’t necessarily have to be a professional footballer to perform these. This is a great form of workout - Maybe you want to get better than your immediate rival or you’re preparing for your next competition match. Or the best reason of all, you love the game and enjoy having the ball at your feet.

Thanks a lot for reading! Stay safe!!

Check out the video to know more: 

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