At Home Chest Workout: Push Up Variations For Building Chest

Sitting at home all day and doing very little can cause your muscles to rust. But worry not, a few minutes of exercise can solve anything. The chest muscles help in day to day activities like opening a door or carrying heavy objects. Most parts like thighs or abs do not need a trip to the gym but there are only a few chest exercises that do not need weights. But worry not, these following exercises done right can build chest muscles without you stepping out of your house or needing anything you don’t already have. Maybe end-up with the famed 56-inch chest


Push-ups are the most basic of chest exercises and the most important one as well. It builds chest as well as shoulder strength. Lie face down with your arms placed on the floor just beneath the shoulders. Keep your back straight and legs together. Now push the ground and raise your body slowly and then bring it back down. Do it as long as you can. If you’re just beginning then keep your knees on the floor with the back and hips straight. Do not go close to the ground as you might end up tearing tissue in the shoulder.


Incline Push-ups

It has the same benefits as a normal push up plus it’s easier to do. Find an elevated platform, whatever you’re comfortable and get into the same position as a normal push up. Only this time your hands are placed on the elevated platform with your legs on the ground. Keep the hands shoulder length apart and the legs at the width of the hips. You can slowly progress towards a normal push up with successively reducing the elevation.


Elevated Push-ups

Find a sturdy chair, a couch, or even your bed, anything that won’t slide away. Get into the push-up position but this time with your feet on the chair and straighten your back. See if your body makes a parallel with the floor. Now gently lower your body and perform a push-up. 

Now take a deep breath, steady your palms, brace your body, and dive into an exercise routine meant to make the gym-goers jealous. Don’t let the quarantine pull you down, Push up! 

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