How to Start Running: The Absolute Beginners' Guide

It may look simple, but Running is not easy. It is one of the best ways to get fit and discover more about yourself. Initially, all you need is the right shoe and an indomitable will. It is very easy to wander off your running schedule, so the willingness to run plays a big part. Well, now that you are ready, Let’s go! 


Set your Target 

Everything that you do, you do it with an objective. Running is the same. You need to find it within yourself and ask the question, what do I want to achieve with Running? Your goal can be - 

  • To start a new physical activity
  • To prepare for a race 
  • Or as simple as getting out of the house. 


Carving out a plan according to the segment under which you come will help a lot. 


1) If running is just a new physical activity for you, then you should take it slow. Start with achievable distances and gradually increase your pace. 


2) Preparing for a race will certainly require long and consistent commitment. The distance of your daily run should be set according to the race that you have entered. 


3) If you just want to get out of the house, then visit a nearby park and start with slow jogs. There is no need to cover a mammoth distance every day. 



The Run Walk Method 

It is a great way for new runners to get acquainted with the sport, and for regular runners to increase their speed. Olympian, Jeff Galloway was the pioneer of this method and is always suggested to every new runner. 

The method does not say to walk when you are tired, it says to take brief walks when you are not tired. You can set your intervals based on your level. Here are some suggested combinations:






First Week

20-30 Seconds

30-40 seconds


For the entire duration of your run

Second Week

1-2 minutes

50-60 seconds

For the entire duration of your run

Third Week

1-5 minutes

1-2 minutes

For the entire duration of your run


The reason behind such breaks is to give your muscles the proper time to recover. Since you’re new to the sport, your muscles need to get habitual of the activity.

Even then if you find starting and stopping a strenuous task, you can opt for the whole run method. Just do it.


Keys to Success: 

  • Get good gear. Avoid using old, worn-out shoes. Such shoes result in injury. 
  • Set up alarms and take breaks from your regular schedule to get in the groove.
  • Find your place. Yes, a running place that you like will get you going. 
  • Keep track of your distances. The progress report is a very good motivation.
  • Take care of what you eat. 


Above all what’s most important is the fact, that you enjoy your runs. We understand it can be tough at first, but we also know it gets a lot easier when you start enjoying it. Running is a great way to get in shape. So find your routine, and get going. 







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