The Ultimate Badminton Guide: Basic Badminton Kitbag Essentials
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How to Control Your Hunger While Dieting?
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How To Set Up A Home Gym?
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What Causes Fat Loss?
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Beginner's Guide: Must-Know Features Before Buying A Badminton Racket
Knowing the basic features of a badminton racket and how to take them into consideration will make a big difference, read more to find out how you can purchase the right racket for yourself.
Fast Metabolism Meaning: It's Not as Difficult as You Think
Let's put an end to the age old saying - faster metabolism would mean to just burn fat at a faster rate all day.
Blog by - Rishabh Shrivastava
The Ultimate Badminton Guide For Beginners: How To Choose A Badminton Racket?
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The Ultimate Badminton Guide: Why Are Non-Marking Shoes Important?
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Abs? These Routines Will Shape You Up Like Michelangelo
Last time we covered the workout for Chest Muscles from home. This time we’ll be covering what everyone aspires to have, abs. We all have thought about looking down at our abdomen to look at perfectly-formed abs. With so much time in...
Legs & Lockdown, How To Keep Your Legs Working
Wondering what it feels like to walk again? The quarantine has limited us to the confines of our homes and the legs have nothing to do. So it is you who have to keep the muscles and tendons working and...
At Home Chest Workout: Push Up Variations For Building Chest
Sitting at home all day and doing very little can cause your muscles to rust. But worry not, a few minutes of exercise can solve anything. The chest muscles help in day to day activities like opening a door or...
How To Stay Active And Be Productive During Lockdown
Quarantine time seems endless & with that comes the uncertainty of the near future. Though it’s the last thing you should be worried about, gaining weight during this period and growing lethargic is a valid concern. We can’t wait around...
5 Reasons Why You Should Take BCAAs Today
BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acids) consist of three essential Amino acids namely- leucine, isoleucine and valine. They are called essential because they cannot be produced by the body, instead, they have to be taken from an exterior source.  Unlike other amino...
10 Calisthenics Workout Moves To Build Lean Muscle
Calisthenics exercises involve nothing but the person's body weight. No specialized equipment is needed for a successful session. Basic equipment like a vertical or horizontal bar can be used. If you’re not someone who wants to spend hours in the...
How To Reduce Body Heat At Home Naturally
The normal body temperature stands at 98.6°F or 37°C, though it might fluctuate a degree here and there, it more or less stays constant. The Hypothalamus, in coordination with other parts, controls and maintains the heat at the optimal level....
Top 5 Benefits Of Using A Whey Protein Supplement
The most studied and known supplement of all is Whey Protein. Its advantages weigh heavier than the little criticism that it draws. It is the water-soluble part of milk and is used to reach protein goals. Here are its top...
How To Increase Metabolism To Lose Weight
Metabolism is the set of chemical reactions that take place in the body. And Metabolic rate is at which the body burns calories. Faster metabolism rate guarantees quicker processing of calories. It also supplies the body with energy. So naturally,...